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Our technical capabilities allow us to measure, calibrate and service equipment with a provide calibration certification and results for a wide range of equipment.

Instrumentation and Test Meters we can service include.

18th Edition Testers - Insulation/Continuity Testers, Loop Testers, RCD Testers, Multi Function Testers.
Portable Appliance Testers
Check Boxes
Voltage Indicators - Upto 700V
Proving Units
Thermometers - Digital, Thermocouple, Non Contact, Infrared
Phase Rotation Meters
Multimeters - AC and DC , Digital and Analogue
Clampmeters - AC and DC
Eart Resistance Meters - 3 Pole, 4 Pole
Pressure Gauges - Analogue and Digital
Manometers - Analogue and Digital
Panel Meters - Voltage, Current/Amp, Hertz/Frequency
Capacitance Meters
LCR Meters
Frequency Counters
Bench Power Supplies
Resistance/Decade Boxes
Function Generators
Tachometers - Contact / Mechanical and Non Contact / Optical
Torque Wrenches
Crimp Tools
Force Guages
Weighing Scales
Humidity Meters
HV Voltage Indicators
Gas Analysers - Flue Gas, Domestic, Industrial / Commercial
Flash Testers
Light Lux Meters
CAT and Genny - Cable Avoidance Tools
Power Meters - Single Phase, Three Phase
Current Injection Test Sets - PCITS, SCITS
HV High Voltage Pressure Test Sets - Upto and including 40kV DC, 28kV AC
Microwave Leakage Detectors
Sound Level Meters

Measurements made include-

Voltage - AC / DC
Current - AC / DC
Power - Watts
Pressure - bar, psi
Light - Lux
Sound - dB
Torque - Nm
Weight - gram, Kg